Bilinguism: myth or reality? (UPCOMING EVENT)

What: popular talk on multilingualism

For whom: parents, pedagogiacl workers and all those that are interested in cognitive sciences of langauges

When: Tesday, February 21 2017 at 17:00 (worlds day of mother tongue)

Where: Mladinski center/Youth Centre Nova Gorica (Bazoviška 4)

Krajevna dvojezična tabla


Multilingualism is everywhere around us: from local traffic inscriptions and subtitled foreign language films to linguistically mixed families, classes and countries. Although we face it every day, we do not know it thoroughly. Many believe that bilingual people do not speak a single language correctly, that bilingualism causes too much effort for the brain and that as a result of exposure to two languages students learn less. Others believe that bilingualism raises their mental capacities to insensible level and that it protect them against Alzheimer’s disease at the same time. These are all prejudices and myths. But what is the reality? Matic Pavlič, PhD, linguist from the University of Nova Gorica will present some interesting experiments that point out the impact that the multilingualism has on human brain.

Hvala v različnih jezikih

The talk is organized by Centre for Cognitive Sciences of Language (University of Nova Gorica) and Mladinski center/Youth Centre Nova Gorica.

Further information and the compulsory registration at or by phone 040-234-423.


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