AThEME (Advancing the European Multilingual Experience) is a European collaborative large-scale project studying bilingualism and multilingualism in Europe.

Multilingualism has a great room in Europe. Indeed, several European countries are officially multilingual, but besides them, many Europeans can speak other languages for different reasons: families where parents have different native languages which they both use with children, immigration, learning languages for better job opportunities and much more. The consequence is that more than the half of the European population feel confident in speaking more than one language.

Europe then, seems the perfect ground to study the several characteristics of the phenomenon of multilingualism, and here AThEME settles its bases.

The project, which started in March 2014 and is scheduled to run until March 2019, aims at using linguistic and psychological instruments to investigate multilingualism in Europe from different points of view. Its main goal is to raise awareness in policy makers, health professionals, academics and educators.

Večjezičnost velja is part of the AThEME project as an initiative whose main goal is connecting researchers with families, educators, health care workers, and policy makers across Europe. Indeed, Večjezičnost velja, as well as other branches of Bilingualism Matters around Europe, provide information about bilingualism coming from scientific research and addressed to the general public through a consultancy service and public talks.

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