• In addition to the 24 official EU languages, many regional and minority languages are spoken in Europe. The EU strives to protect this linguistic diversity and promote the learning of languages:
  • Bilingualism Matters can count on a network of international branches, and Večjezičnost velja is part of it. Branches operate according to the needs of local communities, so if we can’t answer your questions we can address them to our international colleagues and give you the best help possible. Have a look at other branches, starting from Edinburgh headquarthers. Branches with the ATHEME symbol are part of ATHEME project, like us.

Edinburgh Headquarters (Scotland) AThEME Logo

Amsterdam (Netherlands)  AThEME Logo

Konstanz (GermanyAThEME Logo

Reading (England)

Rijeka (Croatia)AThEME Logo

Siena (Italy)

Thessaloniki (Greece)

Trento (Italy)AThEME Logo
Tromsø (Norway)


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